AJ Ramos Statement regarding the Leaked Sex Video Scandal on the internet

An alleged sex video scandal of Popular Ateneo students AJ Ramos and Abby Santiaguel is currently making rounds online. The scandalous video contains a sexual act between the two Ateneo students (not Ateneo-La Salle students.)

The two are reportedly popular figures in Ateneo de Manila University with a few referring to AJ Ramos as “Crush ng Bayan” and Abby Santiaguel as “Miss Flawless.”

The video scandal was rapidly shared by some netizens on various social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter. “AJ Ramos” became a Twitter’s trending topic on Monday, October 6 after users uploaded nude photos of the two students doing private acts. This video was initially uploaded to a public video hosting website three days ago before making its way to Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube. The two individuals perhaps are alarmed to learn the video they created was shared on a social media outlet and a porn website.

As of press time, some users claimed that the video is no longer visible in any networking sites, but some netizens were able to furnish a copy and are still spreading it through other video hosting sites.

With the spread of the video, different opinions from the netizens appeared to be mostly negatively especially from the girls' side.

Some netizens felt dismayed over the scandal because they thought that the trending topic "AJ Ramos" was of a great importance, but as they clicked it they were shown nude photos of the couple.

Here's AJ Ramos Statement regarding the Leaked Sex Video on the internet:

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